Terms & Cancellation Policies

Once a booking has been made on our site and we have received full payment, which is accepted by TapFerry, we will issue you an email confirmation detailing your relevant booking details. The email confirmation contains your booking number, which you must present with relevant travel documents prior to boarding so you can receive your tickets. Bookings can be made by credit or debit card and credit card charges apply to certain cards. In case of cancellation 72 hours in advance, full amount is refundable except the transfer back and bank fees deduction. Cancellation policy for less than 72 hours is 50% of paid amount. No refund after departure time.

TapFerry provides real-time booking functionality for the majority of fares and you will receive confirmation by email instantly if the booking has been accepted.

All departure/arrival times are provided by the operator and are given in local time. It is advisable to check departure times with TapFerry website or customer services or the operator before departing.

TapFerry cannot accept liability for any interruptions or changes to your travel due to adverse weather conditions or tidal conditions or other circumstances. Customer services will attempt to notify you of any serious conditions that may affect your travel, but please check the travel conditions before departure.

TapFerry cannot accept liability for changes to the service including the use of alternate ships or the withdrawal of onboard facilities and services.

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